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Ilonggo Party Plan

Would you like a unique home party??

We are offering a home party experience for a group of 5-20pax.

Cook together and eat together. Choices from Pilipino foods, Japanese foods. No charge for bring in foods and drinks. Enjoy a night together!!

A. Filipino A La Carte

B. BBQ (Not available in winter)

C. Hot plates

D. Hot pots Nabe (winter only)

Price: 2,000/pax (without drinks)


*No alcohol to drivers and underages.

*Available time is 17:00~22:00, Sun-Fri.

*Pease book at least 1week before.

*Capacity is 5-20pax.

*We are NOT a restaurant. The guests are required to join cooking & cleaning up. We are not responsible to the problem

caused by the food we cooked together.


Please call to 090-4415-4042 (Mari)

or Email to





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